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Auction rules establish guidelines that Flamengo will have to follow in matters of mobility, environmental, social development and architecture



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The notice published this Tuesday (9) by Rio City Hall, in addition to establishing the price for acquiring the land and the schedule for carrying out the work, it also detailed the requirements that the winner of the auction on the Gasologista land will have must be met to justify the expropriation of the land by public auction.Following are the requirements:Urban Mobility Plan

“The project must be accompanied by an Urban Mobility Plan, which should cover solutions for public access that favor the use of public transport and pedestrian access in mediations (last mile model), as well as measures to adapt the new travel generating hub to existing urban road connections and the corresponding traffic location.

The Urban Mobility Plan must consider, mainly, the entire area of ​​influence of the stations and terminals of the implemented transport modes, mainly: the metro, rail and road, with emphasis on the Intermodal Terminal Gentiliza and the Rio Bus Station. The project will obligatorily consider the access of individual passenger transport vehicles through the internal roads of the São Cristóvão neighborhood, their access being prohibited via Avenida Francisco Bicalho.”

Accessibility and building- garage

“The project must guarantee integration of special equipment with public transport networks, including buses, subways, trains and VLT. The project must provide for the development of wide and accessible sidewalks, in addition to cycle paths that connect the special equipment to nearby residential and commercial areas.

The implementation of the project must provide for the design of sufficient parking, preferably underground or in garage building to minimize land occupation. Consider and design all locations with access by private vehicles, whether taxis or app-based transport vehicles. Execute road and geometric designs that restrict the freedom of motor vehicles as much as possible, to gain area for pedestrian circulation.”

Social Development Plan

“The enterprise must be accompanied by Social Reach Plan, which covers everything from the implementation of the special equipment to its operation, its impacts on the surrounding populations and communities, prioritizing the hiring of local labor, professional qualification projects and sports and cultural education. In the event that calendars or cultural events are held, the equipment must allocate a portion of the box office of these events for popular access, in accordance with specific legislation.”


“Implementation of the enterprise it will be accompanied by the participation of segments of civil society, primarily, but not limited to those representing the surrounding communities, the interested party and the contracting agent, within the scope of consultation(s) and/or public hearing(s). To achieve this guideline, the interested party must publicize the projects, memorials and other

documents related to the project, and the contracting agent is responsible for demanding and regulating their compliance.”

Environmental issues

“The design of complementary projects for special equipment, considering its impacts on the generation of solid waste, sanitation services, watercourses and water bodies, drainage and water management systems rainwater, must incorporate solutions that aim to compensate or mitigate them, in accordance with applicable technical standards, best practices and current legislation. The interested party must be responsible for any relocation of gas networks located on the land.”

Energy efficiency

“It will be up to the interested party to provide for the incorporation of solar panels and other energy sources renewable energy to supply the equipment and provide energy to the surrounding area. In addition, high-efficiency LED lighting and automated control systems should be used to reduce energy consumption.

The creation of electrical microgrids that integrate various sources of renewable energy should be planned, allowing for greater energy resilience . It will be up to the interested party to implement, preferably, strategies to make the equipment carbon neutral, including carbon offsets and the use of renewable energy.”

Waste management, water resources and air quality

“Implementation of a robust system for selective collection and recycling of waste, as well as dock areas for garbage collection.

Installation, preferably, of rainwater capture and reuse systems for irrigation of lawns and use in toilets, as long as they are approved by environmental agencies. Low water consumption devices must be used in bathrooms and changing rooms.

The integration of vegetation into the project must be promoted, such as vertical gardens and, preferably, green roofs, to improve air quality and reduce ambient temperature.”

Architecture integrated into the site

“The design of the special equipment must provide for the evaluation of aspects relating to cultural heritage and the landscape, taking into account the enhancement of its architectural aspects and buildings with the ambience elements of their surroundings, especially the characteristics of the Bairro Imperial de São Cristóvão, as well as the proximity to Guanabara Bay.”

Stores, museums and restaurants< “The interested party must promote the coexistence of different uses around the special equipment, such as shops, museums, restaurants, bars and services, public and private, as a measure of urban activation. The project must foresee the development of the use of the equipment, favoring work with an urban vision of 24 hours of usefulness, every day of the week.”

Experience zones with thematic areas around them must be foreseen. of equipment, which offer additional entertainment, such as interactive museums and gaming areas.”

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Confrontation will be in Salvador, in Barradão

Gilvan de Sousa/CRF
Gilvan de Sousa/CRF


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After beating Criciúma, last Saturday (20), Flamengo squad did not receive a day off and started, last Sunday, preparing for the next commitment. This is because, on Wednesday, the team led by Tite faces Vitória, in the 19th round of the Brazilian Championship. With this in mind, Rubro-Negro will only have two more days of preparation until the trip to Salvador.

In principle, Flamengo's technical committee will lead the second activity this Monday afternoon (22). Then, on Tuesday (23), the Rio team finishes their preparation at Ninho do Urubu. Afterwards, travel to Salvador.


Embezzlement against Criciúma due to suspension, Allan is available to Tite for the game against Vitória. Bruno Henrique is recovering from a sprained ankle and is still doubtful for the match valid for the 19th round of the Brasileirão. Therefore, the next two training sessions will be decisive for the number 27.


Currently, Flamengo occupies third place in the table of the Brazilian Championship, totaling 34 points. In total, to date, Tite's men have accumulated ten wins, four draws and three defeats, with 30 goals scored and 18 conceded. Therefore, Mengão needs a positive result in order to climb the national competition rankings again.



The number 14 brought together Flamengo's Uruguayans at an event to celebrate the anniversary of his confectionery: Rio Sucrée



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This Sunday (21), Arrascaeta is holding a party to celebrate one year of operation of its confectionery, Rio Sucrée, located in Barra da Tijuca, West Zone of Rio de Janeiro. The event is attended by friends of the Uruguayan star, including Flamengo's compatriots: De La Cruz, Viña and Varela.

Rio Sucrée was opened by Arrascaeta in partnership with his wife, Camila Bastiani , and chef Emanuel Pinheiro is also one of the partners. In celebration of one year, the red-black midfielder's wife celebrates the reception of the locals at the establishment. According to the “ge” portal, the couple's plan is to open new stores in Rio de Janeiro soon.

“I am extremely grateful for the receptivity of the locals and for all the support from the incredible team that accompanies me on this sweet journey. adventure”, said Camila Bastiani.

One of the bakery's main sweets is the 'Bolo do Arrascaeta', a delicacy made with coconut, lots of dulce de leche, a syrup with three milks and is served very cold. At the opening, the cake was presented by Flamengo's own idol on the program 'Mais Você', by Ana Maria Braga, and remains the flagship of the bakery.

Rio Sucrée is located on Avenida das Américas 3.301, in the Barra Business Center shopping center. But it is possible to order for delivery through apps or over the phone.

Arrascaeta begins preparation for Vitória x Flamengo

Sunday was not just a celebration for Arrascaeta and the other Uruguayans from Flamengo. This is because the squad re-presented itself after the victory over Criciúma, on Saturday, and has already started preparing for the match against Vitória, on Wednesday (24), at Barradão, in the 19th round of the Brasileirão.

Arrascaeta, De La Cruz and the other starters did regenerative work, while players who started on the bench or did not play worked on the field. The team will still have two more days of training, and there is hope of a complete squad to face the Bahian team.

The only doubt at this moment is the presence of Bruno Henrique, who is recovering from a sprained ankle. The rest of the team will be available as normal, including Allan, who was left out against Criciúma due to accumulation of cards and returns.



President Rodolfo Landim has already expressed his desire to build a stadium for this number of people, and the notice does not prohibit capacity



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The dream of our own stadium is starting to come to fruition, and Gasologista land will be auctioned on July 31st, at 2:30 pm (Brasília time). This is when Flamengo must offer the minimum bid of R$138 million to secure the location.

But the auction notice, which came out a few days after the Decree by Eduardo Paes (PSD) that expropriated the land, showed several requirements to be met so that the club can build its stadium on the site. One of them involves capacity.

The capacity of the stadium on the Gasometer ground must be for at least 70 thousand people. In other words, approximately what Flamengo currently offers for sale at Maracanã games. But this is just a base, and the stadium cannot have anything less than that. The 80,000 seats, initially imagined by Rodolfo Landim, could still happen.

This is what federal deputy Pedro Paulo (PSD) indicates, a flamenco fan who was also at the forefront of trying to make the Gasometer land viable for the Flamengo. An ally of Eduardo Paes, Pedro Paulo gave the following explanation:

“We have established the minimum criteria. The 70 thousand seats are a reference to guide the bidding. Nothing prevents the stadium from having a capacity of 80 thousand. The convention center is an idea that can be part of the project. It is not prohibited. The final project will be detailed up front by whoever wins the auction”, explains the politician.

If it buys land, Flamengo should open a stadium by 2029

The notice also provides for other very important points, such as the schedule and deadlines for the bidder to complete the plans. After the purchase, Flamengo must complete the final project within a year and a half.

In addition, it will be three years after obtaining the licenses for the works. Thus, totaling four and a half years. This means that Rubro-Negro would be inaugurating its new stadium, at the latest, in 2029.

The details are given in the following excerpt from the notice: “The project, to be presented within 18 months from the date of date of signature of the Purchase and Sale Promise Term, and executed within up to 36 months extendable in accordance with the law, counting from its licensing, it must be prepared preferably in three stages: Needs Program, Cost Estimate and Physical Schedule and Presentation of Technical Documentation.”

Rodolfo Landim has already confirmed that he wants a stadium for 80 thousand

Flamengo President, Rodolfo Landim already spoke about the topic in April, at GE, and confirmed that the desire is to build a stadium for 80 thousand fans.

“Yes it is (it is possible to place a stadium for 80 thousand people in an area of ​​87 thousand m²). We have already created a preliminary project for the placement of this stadium. It would still give us the chance to create a large square in front. Around this square, we could put a series of restaurants, spots and so on. In this square, we could even put up big screens for those who don't have the means to go to the big games or for those who can't get tickets”, he comments.

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