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Rubro-Negro is going through a crucial moment in the current edition of the Copa Libertadores

Photo: Reproduction
Photo: Reproduction


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This Wednesday, May 15th, at 9:30 pm (Brasília time), Flamengo faces Bolívar at the Maracanã Stadium, in Rio de Janeiro. The match is valid for the fifth round of group E of the Copa Libertadores. Check out the likely lineups and absences for Mengão, who need to win to stay in the fight for qualification for the knockout stage of the continental competition.

Rubro-Negro is going through a crucial moment in the current edition of the World Cup Liberators. With two defeats, a draw and just one victory, Flamengo occupies third place in the group with 4 points. It is behind Palestino, which is second-place with 6 points, and Bolívar, the current leader with 10 points.

In its most recent match, Flamengo beat Corinthians 2-0, in a game valid for the 6th round of the Brasileirão. Lorran, a young talent from Ninho do Urubu, was the highlight of the match, scoring the goal that guaranteed Flamengo's victory against São Paulo.

Flamengo faces uncertainty about the participation of two of its main players, Pedro and Arrascaeta, due to physical problems. The team awaits this week's training to assess the condition of the center forward and midfielder, whose presence could be decisive for the team's performance.

ALL ABOUT THE GAME Where to watch

TV Globo and Paramount+ broadcast the match.

Libertadores 2024 - Thursday round of Group E

Date and time: 05/15/2024, at 9:30 pm (Brasília time)

Location: Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

FLAMENGO: Rossi; Varela, Fabrício Bruno, Léo Pereira and Ayrton Lucas; Allan, De La Cruz and Lorran; Gerson, Everton Cebolinha and Pedro. Coach: Tite.

BOLÍVAR: Lampe; Ysmar Rocha, Jesús Sagredo, Orihuela and José Sagredo; Justiniano, Saucedo, Bruno Sávio and Vaca; Francisco da Costa and Algarañaz. Coach: Flavio Robatto.

Referee: Andrés Matonte (URU)

Assistants: Carlos Barreiro (URU) and Horacio Ferreiro (URU)< /p>

VAR: Carlos Orbe (EQU)



The attacker was also fined by the board

Marcelo Cortes/CRF
Marcelo Cortes/CRF


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Flamengo's board was tough and objective this Friday afternoon. That's because the Rio de Janeiro red-and-black team fined and removed Gabigol's number 10 shirt. Therefore, the player vented on social media about the club's decision. The punishment was due to the leaked photo of the athlete wearing the Corinthians shirt.

The attacker explained that he accepts the decision and respects Flamengo's command, but also stated that the episode will not erase his history with the Rubro-Negro.


"On that 11/12, 2022, after having felt the greatest emotions of my life with the glories and significant achievements for Flamengo, the club presented me with a very special shirt, number 10, simply the mantle worn by our greatest idol, Zico.

I confess that I felt a certain insecurity, because along with that shirt, came a great weight of responsibility.

At Flamengo, I found the best version of myself and I'm experiencing the best cycle of my career. I'm fascinated by titles and I've always expressed that on the website. excessive will on the field, which is often misinterpreted.

Flamengo allowed me to win many titles (2 Libertadores, 2 Brasileiros, 1 Copa do Brasil, 1 Recopa Sudamericana, 2 Supercups of Brazil and 4 Cariocas) and live these magical moments with the nation and be welcomed by the biggest fans in America, that is the true meaning of the word happiness.

In these more than 5 years of joy, and some sadness, I have always been certain, that of my love for this club, that of the love for the red-and-black nation.

Today I was informed by Flamengo's directors that I will no longer wear size 10. It's up to me to accept and respect the club's command. But this will never erase the history I built with my teammates. I accept the next shirt and I will give my life on the field for Mengao until the end of our story.

I love you, Flamengo!"

Gabi travels to Amazonas


Despite everything that happened, the red and black board decided not to punish the player in relation to entering the field. As a result, the now former number 10 will travel to Manaus, where Fla. faces Amazonas in the third round of the Copa do Brasil. The clash will take place next Wednesday, the 22nd.



Flamengo decided everything after meeting with the striker



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In a meeting at Ninho do Urubu this Friday, Flamengo defined the punishment for Gabigoldue to the photo with the Corinthians shirt. In addition to being fined 10% of his salary, the attacker will no longer be able to wear the legendary number 10. The punishments, however, stop there. The player will normally be part of the delegation that will travel to Manaus next week.

The information is from Mauro Cezar Pereira. According to the journalist, Gabigol is not away from the cast and will continue working alongside the main group. Next Wednesday, the 22nd, Flamengo will face Amazonas, at the Arena da Amazônia, and the striker will normally travel to the Copa do Brasil game.

In the understanding of the red-black board, removing Gabigol from the long trip to Manaus would be a kind of reward for the player. During the meeting, Marcos Braz only communicated the punishments and there was no discussion with the player. In Flamengo's view, if the photo was false, as Gabriel claimed, it should have been presented.

Flamengo supervisor receives warning

In addition to Gabriel Barbosa, the punishment also extended to supervisor Márcio Santos, better known as Marcinho. The professional appears in the controversial photo behind Gabigol. According to Mauro Cezar Pereira, Flamengo will warn the supervisor due to his supervisory role. Due to his position, Márcio should be the person who, in the board's opinion, could warn and reprimand Gabriel on that occasion.



Sales for Nação fan members start on Monday (20), at 10am; find out what the sale will be like for Flamengo fans



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On Tuesday (28), Flamengo will compete in the sixth round of CONMEBOL Libertadores 2024. Mais Querido will face Millonarios, at 9pm, at Maracanã. Ticket sales for Nação fan members begin this Monday (20), at 10am, on the website flamengo.superingresso.com.br. Check out the main information below

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We also reinforce , that, to make an online purchase for any sector as a Flamengo fan, it will be necessary to register facial biometrics in advance. To check out the complete step-by-step guide, click here.

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